The Counterweight Plus Programme


Counterweight-Plus Programme

Counterweight- Plus is a non surgical weight management solution for people who want to lose weight or achieve remission of their type 2 diabetes. 

If you are overweight, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and would like to achieve a remission you can now access the Counterweight Plus programme. This is the exact intervention used in the DiRECT Diabetes Remission trial.

Counterweight-Plus offers a 12 month structured programme over 20 appointments which can be purchased in 3 phases.

The aims of the Counterweight-Plus programme are:

- Weight loss > 15 Kg (2.5 stone), using a Total Diet Replacement (TDR), following a 800 kcal diet, usually for 8-12 weeks. You may wish to extend this phase for up to 20 weeks.

- Maintaining weight loss for at least 12 months, using structured behavioural change. This involves following protocols for Food Reintroduction (FR) and Weight Loss Maintenance (WLM).

Am I eligible?

Total Diet Replacement (TDR) package

The Total Diet Replacement (TDR) usually lasts for 12 weeks. During this phase all food will be excluded. This will allow you to have a break from food, which will be replaced with a 12 week supply of Counterweight PRO800 soups and milkshakes. These are nutritionally complete and contain all the vitamins and minerals required.

Food Reintroduction (FR) package

The Food Reintroduction (FR) involves a gradual re-introduction of portion controlled balanced meals over 12 weeks. 

During this phase you will still continue with the Counterweight PRO800 soups and milkshakes and gradually replace these with food in a structured approach. 

You will also have the opportunity to start any weight loss medication if your GP/ doctor is in agreement.

Weight Loss Maintenance (WLM) package

The Weight Loss Maintenance (WLM) phase involves meeting all your nutritional needs with food and drink. The focus during this phase is maintaining the lifestyle changes you have made and preventing any weight regain.